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United Arab Emirates is one of the best live example of life in the Desert, with all the silence beyond the sun and the thrive Building of its own. Life in the desert is much different from life in the city lights, hence, it will give an opportunity to feel the classical tune and vast expanse the desert. LIWA is not only name to the place but it has a complete history, while moving to LIWA will pass through different villages. LIWA is a must seeing place itself where This is the home of royalty that rule cities of United Arab Emirates. we would recommend overnight LIWA Desert tour, with the inclusions of Desert sight scene.

Thrilling Dune Buggy Rides

The other site located close to the LIWA is Tal Moreeb, which is satuated on top of the hells. Which is famous for the highest sand hills in the world, also organized for drag racing. Today everyone tries capture every of our moment by making photos and video which technology made it so easy for us. One of the most romantic part of this tour is when you get a stop to capture the sun setting behind the desert which will really leave a deep & beautiful impact on your mind with. Dune bashing is one of the thrilling part of the tour, LIWA Desert Safari tour is uncomplete without have dune bashing on the high dunes of the desert. Which Is full of thrill and adventures.

Amazing Morning Desert Safari

Which Is full of thrill and adventures. In addition, we there are more attracting spots to visit, like Qasar Al Sarab, Car Museum and the other landmark sites included in tour. You can experience Sand Boarding is one the best adventures part of the tour, as you will do it yourself. This activity is full of thrill and safe. As this tour is more than to visit Desert Sightseeing, especially for adventures lovers there is a lot more. you can also experience quad bikes at LIWA Desert Safari Tour. All of these activities will be provided but depend on the inclusions of your package.